Fiber Optic Cabling Technician

Course # 10-620-156

Course Description

This course will introduce the learner to the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities required to install and configure fiber optic networking infrastructure in an industrial plant setting. Major topics of study include: using light to transmit information, fiber types, fiber preparation, fiber termination, fiber splicing, fiber inspection and testing, and safety issues and procedures unique to the fiber optic industry. Learners will practice the skills necessary to select, install, terminate, splice, inspect, and test fiber optical cables to EIA/TIA standards using industry standard tools and procedures. This course is a recommended preparation activity for those interested in pursuing the Fiber Optics Association (FOA) Certified Fiber Optic Technician (CFOT) written and hands-on certification exam.

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SelectG081May 29, 2020Jun 12, 2020113Aaron Holverson*** ONLINE ***ONLINE$258.69
This IMPACT program is 100% funded with an H-1B TechHire Partnership $5 million grant awarded by the US Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration.

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